Three Snoop Dogg (2015)

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

1. Drop It Like It’s Hot.
2. Beautiful.
3. Young Wild & Free.
What’s My Name-
Jimmy Fallon game.


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One More Sleep


Redfern Kenel Engagement (14)
One more night, one last sleep, till we’re entwined, till each does keep
Other’s heart, life, soul, forever after story unfolds
You my dove, heart and life tomorrow shall become dear wife
One last night I dream of you, with the dawn we say, “I do.”

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The night stumbled

The grief rushed in currents of air

As he gave his final good bye

Her tears of sorrow,

Washed away by his words.

Huddling under overcoats

His mischievous laugh

His care; his swing of love

His cradle of passion

Shadows of things that used to be

hinders her ability to see

into the loneliness of the starless wintry night.

As she walks along this passage

Wondering where he is now,

Does he stare in to space wondering too?

Is he happy, or lonely as she?

She sat there

Tossing rocks in to the calm shimmery water

Wondering what would have been if they had a chance…

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Apple blossom 

Sunshine and Shadows

Today’s photos are of the apple tree in the manse garden, we have three but this one is old and gnarled – its branches reaching almost to the ground – and it produces the most amazing blossom. It is particularly lovely this year.

Blossom of the apple trees!
Mossy trunks all gnarled and hoary,
Grey boughs tipped with rose-veined glory,
Clustered petals soft as fleece
Garlanding old apple trees!

(Mathilde Blind)

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