The Summer of My Youth


summer-beach dreaming of summer

(Photo from Wordstream)

On this marshmallow day,
I want to breathe summer
and swim in a lapis lazuli sky
reflected in waters of azure hue.
I want to chase the sunlight
as it splashes and breaks
into a myriad of golden pools
on the wind-kissed wooden patio
where time and tide have left their mark,
looking like the dear familiar face
of a weather-beaten friend.
I want to feel the waters
christening my toes
with the warm fluid grace of eternity,
clear as crystal, etched in each precious drop
the myth of endless summer days.
I want to be serenaded by the wind,
and dream under clear blue skies
of faraway distant oceans and palm-laden lands
where sunbeams gleam
and love and youth dances
on countless sparkling white sands,
and the sea, like a lover
warmly soothes a weary soul
into a golden mellow tranquility.

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