Plight of the freelance underdog

Allison Grayhurst


Plight of the freelance underdog


A deformed creature who loses arms.

The same cruel senselessness ensues

from those arms of watered-down souls,

corporate drones who feel no obligation to moral kindness

or even simple, obvious justice,

who ride their authority with spiked

stirrups, having no regard for the one

who carries them below or how

hardworking and reliable their steeds have been.

They have taken my meager living and stripped it

even further with reluctant acknowledgment,

with no apology, with knowing

there is nothing I can do.

I am trapped by their lizard-cold power,

trapped by my lack of rights and by their fleeting disregard,

as though I am an ant to be flicked from post to post and then

to be crushed by their whims, where what remains

is only the tightening jaw-grip

of this unionized beast, where what remains is me

determined to leave this affliction…

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